Joanna_reduced fileWelcome to Magdalene Moments Joanna Manning’s blog.

I am an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Toronto.

In my life so far, I have been a Roman Catholic nun, then married and divorced, mother and now grandmother. And through a life time of teaching, writing, and advocating reform of the Roman Catholic Church, I have now come to a place where my energies are engaged in serving God’s people at     All Saints Sherbourne Anglican Church and Community Centre.

 Theology has always been a key focus in my life, but never as a merely academic exercise. Inspired by the writings of Latin American and feminist theologians, I have tried to work out a synthesis between theology and action, rooted in Jesus’ teachings.

In 2006 I published a book called The Magdalene Moment: Vision for a New Christianity. The book outlined my thoughts on a direction for Christians transitioning through the breakdown of the church structures that we have inherited from our traditions, into the breakthrough of the newly evolving spirituality, with Mary Magdalene as its guiding muse.

The image on the title of this web shows Mary Magdalene teaching the disciples. Recent scholarship has revealed that the real Mary Magdalene was a woman leader chosen by Jesus to teach the early church, her true significance hidden for centuries under the wraps of hyper-sexualised patriarchal distortions.

The re-emergence of Mary Magdalene, apostle to the apostles, is an inspiration for me to once again take up the discussion where my last book left off, and continue to foster it through the pages of this blog. The range  of topics will be eclectic and expansive. My hope is that you will savour the materials and join in the conversation.